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Extra Perks



Men's Grooming Package 





Includes eyebrow trim, pain free ear and nose waxing for a complete polished appearance. Add to any facial or treatment.



Make Up Touch Up 





You just enjoyed your relaxing have another engagement, no need to worry. Have your makeup touched up, a little makeup will have you looking rejuvenated and ready to go.


Light Lactic Peel





Want some extra brightening with even more glowing benefits? Add this little ditty to your facial.



Sheet Masks 





You may add one of these masks to any facial or treatment: Stem Cell Mask, Peptide Mask, Bio Cellulose Anti-aging Mask








This treatment removes the top layers of skin and facial fuzz. Perfect time to add on a Lactic Peel for added glow and vibrance - $35



LED Red Light Special 





The Red LED light treatment firms and tightens your skin. The latest in Anti-Aging technology for stimulating collagen and Elastin and safe for the eye area. Excellent add on to any treatment!



Foot Bath 





Prior to facial treatment your feet will be washed in a copper bowl infused with essential oils. I mean, royalty has done it for centuries, why not you?



Foot Paraffin 





A treat for your feet! Let us help those aching feet with a warm paraffin paired with lavender aromatherapy. Your feet will be a silky as your skin.

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