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Bella Vita Face oil was inspired by the Peruvian jungle with its brilliant beauty, full of pure life force vibrating through every plant, tree and animal. We learned that the Aguaje tree that grows in the wet swampy rainforest provides a delicious fruit and the oil from this fruit is especially good for preventing the ageing of skin.

With high levels of Vitamin A, it has the capacity to soften lines, rebuild and hydrate skin cells as it protects our natural collagen and elastin. The photo-protective properties of the oil help skin cells to better withstand the potentially damaging UVA and UVB rays of the sun. To add even more antioxidants to this delightful oil we added Moringa Oil and essential oils from the Amazon. We hope you enjoy and experience the energy of this oil as much as we enjoyed discovering it deep in the Amazon jungle and the energy we personally add in blending for you. This beautiful oil is for all skin types. 

Use: On clean skin, apply 3-4 drops in your palms, press together and gently rub or press into to your face and neck daily.

1 oz. 

Bella Vida Amazon Oil

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