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Aqua GLASS Treatment

60 minutes


This innovative approach, which utilizes gold-plated micro-dosing technology, infuses a vitamin cocktail that targets wrinkles into the skin's deepest layers. This personalized blend of ingredients, including hyaluronic acid, glutathione, vitamin C, peptides, and other skin enhancers, works to minimize pores, reduce redness, brighten the skin, and provide an intense overall glow. It is excellent for special events or regular skin maintenance, with little to no downtime. The treatment can:

+ Reduce fine lines and wrinkles

+ Shrink large pores

+ Create a soft, smooth texture

+ Plump thin skin around the eyes

+ Reduce acne scars

+ Hydrate the skin

The result is skin that appears plumped, hydrated, and refreshed, with effects lasting up to 6 weeks.

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