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BUCCAL Lift Facial


60 minutes


BUCCAL Lift Facial

Buccal massage, also known as intraoral

massage, is a technique that works the muscles, ligaments, and lymph from the inside of the mouth. They're the best thing you can do to release tension and give yourself a non-surgical facelift. Working the outer muscles of the face is an incredible way to contour and stimulate a more sculpted lift, while adding buccal techniques enhances the results, setting the muscles in place. A great way to access pockets of tension that many of us store in the cheeks and around the jawline, having a buccal massage leaves the face feeling delightfully lifted and toned. You also quickly notice the re-emergence of long-lost cheekbones, while skin begins to glow again thanks to the oxygenation of the blood.

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