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A Revitalizing Stem Cell Mask is applied and massaged into your skin with a light facial massage prior to the makeup application. Stem cells rejuvenate leaving your skin firm and nourished. Makeup is then applied with either airbrush and or traditional makeup for a flawless more beautiful you.



VIP Package 

1hr 30min    



The Noble Package

1hr 45min    




Beautiful makeup starts with beautiful glowing skin. Treat your skin with a nourishing, brightening and deeply hydrating Oxygen Infusion treatment. The serum has calming green tea, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid, gently infused via pure oxygen, plumping up fines lines and wrinkles. Makeup is then applied with either or both airbrush and traditional makeup over your bright healthy skin for a complete flawless finish. Please Note: Male prices vary



The Royal Package 



Experience the royal treatment with gentle lifting, firming and sculpting facial treatment for a more defined jaw, cheekbones and lifted brows resulting in a more youthful look Followed with a special brightening serum infused into the skin via pure oxygen. This special Oxygen infusion deeply hydrates, skin looks youthful, luminous and plumps fine lines. Once the skin is nurtured and prepped, flawless makeup is achieved with either or both airbrush and traditional makeup for beautiful, lifted glowing finished look.


Pricing for Males - 420



Men HD Ready





Julia utilizes professional skincare products specifically designed to cloak skin imperfections to enhance the male skin. The makeup "no makeup look" evens out your skin tone, covering redness, dark under eye circles and keeps you shine free and HD camera ready.

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