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Herbal Oils

About Julia Cantu

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Julia Cantu is revolutionizing the world of skincare as a holistic skin therapist, pranic healer, and essence practitioner. With two decades of research and client care; Julia has transformed her clients both physically and emotionally through individual specialized treatments, leaving clients with a youthful glow and peaceful stillness.  


As a child, it was clear Julia’s passion for beauty and people would lead her to where she is today. From her time as a child searching through nature collecting flowers and herbs to create perfumes and oils for her loved ones, to her extensive experience in medical and day spas, Julia found a way to combine traditional and holistic skincare creating a space where cutting-edge technology meets spiritual rejuvenation. 

With increasing knowledge of skincare, Julia was pulled to explore something more, something that would add to her already fulfilling practice. During her meditations she discovered her empathic and intuitive abilities and knew THIS was the way of the future - Blending holistic skincare with energetic healing. That is when Julia began her journey into Pranic Healing and Sound and Essence Therapy. She was determined to bring a new approach to skincare drawing on the philosophy that true beauty starts from the inside out.

The Julia Cantu Approach

An awakened world where all individuals feel a deep connection to nature and its value in healing, health and beauty.


MIND - Julia Cantu Essence and Pranic Therapy:  What makes Julia Cantu Skincare unique? The ability to recognize that beauty and internal peace can be one, inspiring the introduction of Essence Therapy. Her specialized Essential Oils are handcrafted combining all natural and organic ingredients, which promote a continuous therapeutic effect through luxurious scents. Julia is also a Pranic Healer - blending both worlds once again, she offers this no touch healing modality. Pranic aligns your chakras allowing energy to flow freely and evenly through the body for optimal physical and emotional well being.  


BODY - Julia Cantu Oils and Mists: Beauty is as inward as it is outward. This is where Julia Cantu introduces her Chakra and Anointing Oils. These oils are used to help align and balance our chakras assisting the flow of positive energy increasing emotional and physical wellbeing.


GLOW - Julia Cantu Facial Products: Go face first. Every cleanser, cream, serum, mist and mask is individually formulated to repair and enhance the existing beauty of every client by using ingredients free of harmful chemicals, synthetic fragrances and unnecessary ingredients.

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