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Brow Beat



The Man Brow 





Whether you want to trim up those pesky brow hairs, a clean natural look, or something a little more shapely, your request is our pleasure. Come on in, lay down and relax while we make your eyebrows your new best friend. Psst.. Here's a little secret guys - Trimming and or shaping your eyebrows can make you look years your secret is safe with us.



The Youthful Brow 




Julia inspires the fullest, most natural shape by encouraging clients to completely refrain from any form of hair removal for 6-8 weeks prior to their first appointment to allow the natural shape to take place. The Youthful Brow technique softly sprouts at the beginning of the brow and gently fans over the brow bone, ending with a softly diffused tail. The YB technique creates a soft, and naturally beautiful eyebrow resulting in a diffused edge rather than a hard lined definitive brow. This look softens the eyes and face, detracting from age lines and dark circles.



The Defined Brow






If you like that sleek sharp look, this traditional practice gives a more defined and arched brow.

To maintain this look, we recommend a maintenance follow up every 3 to 4 weeks



The Brow Beat Consultation 

15min Consultation





Unsure what brow is best for you? A complete brow consultation will help determine which brow technique will be best for you. Please note: This service is for BOTH Women and Men

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