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Facial Treatments




1 hour  $350  

This treatment helps improve acne scarring, wrinkles and increases collagen and elastin levels. Results begin to show in 3-4 weeks and continues up to six months. A variety of ampoules are available for specific purposes during the treatment. Treatment is finished with LED light and Electroporation (needle-less mesotherapy) to aid in healing and product penetration. 



Aqua Glass

1 hour  $595   


Introducing the Aqua Glass Treatment, this treatment utilizes a stamping technique to infuse customized ingredients like Hyaluronic acid, Glutathione, peptides, copper and more. These are stamped into the skin for plumped hydrated, refreshed and very smooth look that last up to 5-7 weeks. 




20min  $160

Exfoliation and fuzz removal revealing bright and glowing skin. Results help ingredients penetrate deeper into your skin. 

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