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The Sacred

Space Facial


Close your eyes and experience the wonders of Mother Earth during this incredibly healing and nurturing facial. The aromas from our essential oils, herbs, and phyto serums will take you to a place of deep relaxation while our highly antioxidant and all organic rejuvenating mask gently buffs and brightens, leaving your skin glowing with health and vitality.

*Lactic Peel add on is highly recommended for enhanced results - Add on is $55



Skin Types: All skin types. (Note: All products used are carefully selected for your individual skin needs) 


The Sacred

Beauty Way


Need a pick me up? This unique and luxurious facial begins with a silky mask that is massaged into your skin, then utilizing the healing properties of a magnet, your skin is gently exfoliated and the lifting action begins - resulting in a visible lifting and firming of your skin. The botanical ingredients are a natural complement to your skin’s needs, nourishing and protecting it with vitamin oil and remineralizing seaweed gel. Your 3 takeaways from this : Lift, Firm, Glow Skin


Type: All skin types. Highly recommended for those with sensitive and mature skin.


Golden Lift

Qi Facial


You're Golden! This triple layered stem facial begins with a diamond exfoliation that buffs away dead dull skin stimulating collagen production and preparing your skin to receive the regenerative stem cells. A concentrated form of stem cells is applied and layered with a gold stem cell serum and mask for a complete and concentrated application of stem cells. This heavenly facial contains real gold, giving the skin a visible GLOW. So GLOW out there show the world your firm, hydrated, and golden skin.


Skin Type: This facial is for all skin



Crystal Detox 

1hr 30min    


Gemstones and crystals are a gift from Mother Earth. In this one of a kind facial, various stones and crystals are utilized for your facial and neck massage. This unique massage technique aids in healing, lymphatic drainage, anti-inflammatory, smoothing wrinkles while easing tension and stress. Special care is taken in choosing the appropriate masks and serums. The results are immediate; your skin will appear lifted with a more youthful and rested look.


Skin Type: This facial is for all skin types. Recommended for dull and tired skin.



Matcha Tea 

1hr 30min     


Your skin has met it’s Matcha! We start this facial with a JCS organic cleanser and herbal enzyme exfoliate, preparing your face for our Jade stone roller. The Jade rolling massage is a lifting technique known for smoothing wrinkles, reducing inflammation, and improving elasticity. Then, our JCS matcha mask is freshly prepared for superior antioxidant protection and the brightening of your skin. The mask is followed by an organic pomegranate serum oil for added protection and firming properties.

Skin Type: This facial is for all skin types, especially for sun damaged and mature skin




1hr 30min     


Qi or “chi” is the source of everything, the building block of all things. This holistic facial combines energy clearing with skin beautification for inner and outer beauty. Energy work is performed by healing modalities including Pranic which is a no touch healing technique. Once your Qi is restored, your facial will begin by using all chemical free, organic and natural products. Your entire being will feel lighter, rejuvenated and vibrant.



Skin Type: This facial is for all skin types and for those seeking emotional, spiritual and energetic healing.



The Macial 

1hr 30min    


This one is for the guys! This special healing clay from the Mojave Desert was used by Native Americans over 500 years ago for its antimicrobial and healing properties. This treatment begins with a thorough cleansing, buffing, and facial massage to soften the pores prepping for gentle extractions. The healing clay is then applied for the removal of toxins and healing of your skin for a clear complexion. Following the healing mask, a serum and organic moisturizer is applied resulting in a deeply cleansed clear and bright complexion.


Skin Type: All skin types. Great for congested skin.



The Macial 

1hr 30min    

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