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Pure Radiance

70 minutes   $350

Get ready to experience the ultimate facial session with Julia! You'll leave feeling completely rejuvenated and rested, with skin that's positively glowing. Julia's unique face lifting massage method, combined with a variety of beauty tools and botanical ingredients, creates a sacred space for deep inner healing and relaxation.


Buccal Radiance Face-lift

80 minutes  $420

Looking for a way to release tension and give yourself a non-surgical facelift? Look no further than buccal massage, also known as intraoral massage! This specialized technique works the muscles, ligaments, and lymph from the inside of the mouth, leaving your face feeling delightfully lifted and toned. Plus, you'll quickly notice the re-emergence of long-lost cheekbones and glowing skin thanks to the oxygenation of the blood. Don't wait, try buccal massage today! After your session you will receive a video for facial exercises to do at home for longer lasting lift.


Craniosacral Facial

70 minutes   $425

Get ready to experience the amazing benefits of our Craniosacral work! This session is specifically designed to reduce stress and inflammation in the body and facial structures, while focusing on bringing balance and alignment to the facial and cranio bones. You'll be amazed by the remarkable positive visible differences in your face, including brighter eyes, softened facial stress expressions, and improved spinal alignment. And that's not all - we also incorporate botanical skincare for gentle exfoliation and herbal oils with phyto nutrients for health and beauty benefits. Get ready to feel and look your best!

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